Album Credits
Mark Knopfler: vocals, lead, rhythm guitars
Patent Black Comfort Jewel Leather Wolky
David Knopfler: rhythm guitar
John Illsley: bass
Pick Withers: drums
Black Jewel Comfort Leather Wolky Patent

Produced by Muff Winwood
Engineered by Rhett Davies
Artwork by Hothouse
Photography Paddy Eckersley

Leather Comfort Wolky Jewel Patent Black
(c) 1996 Mercury Records Ltd. Manufactured and distributed by PolyGram Group Canada Inc.

Vertigo/Warner Bros. (1978)

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  • 1. Down To The Waterline
Gray Women's Trotters Dress Lauren Dark Wedge npx7zF
  • 2. Water Of Love
  • 4. Six Blade Knife
  • Mid Charm Women's Shoes Wine Foot Red Mary Heel Buckle Retro Chunky Janes qcHg1qO
  • 6. Sultans Of Swing
  • 7. In The Gallery
  • 8. Wild West End
  • Sneakers Athletic Women's Black Up D Shoe Canvas Jeffrey Original Lace Basic Casual 8qwEEvPc